Time Machine…………..

9 Dec


If only……… If ever there is a phrase I detest, that would be it. I do not like “if onlys” though every so often the darn words do pop out of my mouth. Here’s what I think; I believe we have the power within us in our present to carve out a future devoid of “if onlys”. It is possible to make our lives what we want them to be in future. Whether we actually go ahead and do the right thing is totally a matter of choice, not inability. That’s my two cents.

But the above picture provoked those words right into my sub-conscious before I could say “Wiki Leaks” (most people’s favourite words of the moment) and I had to share with you.

What if Kibaki had taken over power in 1979? What if Raila had?  What if <insert leader of your choice> had been president since 1979? Would Nairobi be this huge, cosmopolitan city with super highways, electric trains running through, proper drainage, beautifully carpeted roads, towering sky scrapers, et al? Would it?

I had a really hard time answering these questions. On the one hand I recognize and greatly appreciate the last 8 or so years of Kibaki’s administration and the development and economic growth that came with it, but on the other I have witnessed embarrassing greed from the same government that I proudly voted in. I won’t even go into the details all the shameful scandals; they were all out there for us to see, well unless you live under a rock. If I started making a list now, my pension might find me still sitted here typing away.

All the same the past is the past; I will not dwell too much on my wishes (unless one of you can invent a time machine). But I am allowed to dream and hope. After all, where would we be without hope?

Dare I dream of such a Nairobi in the next 10years?


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