13 Dec

Stereotypes fascinate me, and my part of the world is in no short supply. Kenyans have mastered and perfected the art of stereotyping. Take for example Kikuyus, they have this annoying habit of overusing the word “otherwise”. So when a Kikuyu says “otherwais”, trust me it is a very loaded and complete sentence. Don’t wait for the rest of the sentence. That is it. In most cases, when a Kikuyu pops an otherwise, the longer version could be any of the following – how have you been? How was your weekend? Are you still working at xx place? How are your folks? What happened after I left. In short, kindly give an account of anything relevant that may have happened to you since the last time we met.

Not-so-little Miss Random is guilty of over-using otherwais. Mostly I use it as a conversation starter, lol, don’t ask me where I went to school. Sometimes I use it when a conversation has hit a dead end but am feeling the pressure to be nice and keep talking to the other person. After a few minutes of scratching my head I just go, otherwais?

Othawais my weekend was great, I did some much needed bumming, got some Christmas shopping done, bought myself a pretty dress (now all I need is a nice occasion to wear it – hint hint), felt bad for missing the Freshly Ground concert but the Ugx. 100,000 (Approximately Ksh. 4,000) was not sounding very inviting, skipped church which I felt really bad about though I honestly wasn’t feeling it jana, baked, did some much needed soul searching, ate and ate some more

Othawais just in the office trying to ignore the green-eyed monster that pops by every few minutes to remind me that my people in Kenya are chilling, it being a holiday and all. I really cant wait to break for Christmas, I need to spend a couple of days with no itinerary, no expectations, no deadlines. Just some movies, my couch, ground nuts, ribena and my Peanut.

Othawais, how have you been lovelies?


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