My musical soulmate

14 Dec

Avril Lavigne has a song for every one of my moods, and I mean every single one of them. Whether am feeling down like today, naughty, stupidly in love, the beginning of the end, whatever the feeling Avril delivers in the most honest way possible.

The unpleasant series of events that have plagued my life over the past week culminated in a deeply embarrassing but much-needed crying session this afternoon. Am not your average drama mama. Infact I rarely show my tears. I prefer to cry in private then dust myself off and put on a brave face for the masses or even close friends. But the frustration I was feeling unhinged me and my tear ducts really let loose. After the tears died, I washed my face, pretended that I was getting a bad flu (to excuse the runny nose and reddening cheeks), promptly left the office to avoid further embarrassment, went and bought myself some nice lingerie coz I couldn’t stay in the office (and retail therapy is a valid remedy), got back when I was calmer and the following songs just made sense at that particular moment

The immensely talented Janelle Monae

Wish I knew what I was fighting for and whether the fighting is necessary at all.


Praying for sunny days ahead and for clarity of mind and heart.


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