All I want for Christmas

20 Dec

A holiday AFTER the holidays. Does that sound absurd?

I have only 10 days off for the holidays festive season. I have planned, unplanned, moved things, cancelled others and still cannot find time to actually chill and call a holiday within those 10 days. Begging for extra leave days is not an option as am actually not even entitled to leave being new and all. Not to be an ungrateful little whiner but this so-called holiday actually seems more hectic and mentally exhausting than staying here and working. Not that that is an option. No way Jose!! I am not one for activity, infact I abhor feeling like am always doing something or feeling caught up. I like doing things on my own terms, and normally that would be slow, minimal activity. You could call me a closet loner if there is such a thing so this “busyness” is not going down very well with me.

I finish work and immediately take the next flight out, land and start planning a baby shower for the very next day for my really lovely friend who has been an awesome tower of refuge this year. As of this moment I do not have a venue, have never been to a baby shower before and therefore do not know how to go about one, do not have my present ready but I am still determined to pull it off. Hopefully I will have enough after time after the shower to shop around for Christmas presents and run mum’s endless errands. Yes I am that frantic last minute shopper. It happens to me every year, I just never learn.

Then there is the BIG meet with the Fabulous Three. We all fly in on 22nd and I cant wait for the bonding the next night. I have missed these girls so much in the last 3 months since I moved from Dar es Salaam; I absolutely have to meet them before Christmas. It helps that little miss flower is bringing me a fabulous pair of killer heels from Aldo. Man!! Cant hold the excitement. Over the course of the past year, these girls have evolved from being just party partners to friends to near and dear family. I heart them with all of me. 2010 was pretty hard on me, especially at the beginning but these girls chose to stick around and hold my hand through it all. The result was a bond that even regional boundaries cannot break. I cant wait to dress up for our girls night, eat and drink and shoot Jagermeisters as we talk about all the mushy things I’ve been holding in with no one to share with, bitch about anything and everything, comfort, laugh and lovewith my best friends.

After that I have to travel to the end of the world to do Christmas with my mum. Christmas is a lot of things but it is not Christmas without my mum. We have this unwritten and unspoken agreement to take each other through the depressing season that is Christmas. Honestly for me Christmas has never been that good. It always fell short of my expectations so I stopped believing in it and expecting anything good. I normally sleep the day away as mum goes to church then makes some effort for decent lunch. In the last 2 years since my mum moved to said boondocks, my disposition towards this much talked about holiday has improved slightly as I now have my uncles kids to entertain. I make an effort for them. I think Christmas is fun for kids. But not to become a sourpuss, I will do my best to spread the good cheer.

2.5 days later am due for a trip back to Nairobi and then another one to the other end of the world with my family of one, Peanut. Its a totally new experience for me and sort of scary. For once here is another person in my life who cares how I spend my holidays and actually goes ahead to make plans for me. Wow! I am totally amazed and turned into mush by the thought if it. He is too sweet. I love that he is taking time for us and his bonga points are literally shooting off the roof. Shhh! Dont say that out loud, he may grow a big head. I think the best part of the holiday though will be when we come back to 37 and just chill, if at all there will be time for that.

Somehow I will have to find time to squeeze in biashara, meet and visit with friends, attend a party or two and hopefully squeeze in a visit to my Gran (whom am named after) coz I love her to bits and she wants to see me after I helped light up her Christmas.

Shortly it will be the new year and I will have to pack up again and come back to Kampala and the grind reloaded, 2011 version.

Any wonder that I will need a holiday after the holidays?




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