Engagement pap!!!

21 Dec

So the other day I was at the salon waiting for Andrew, this hairdresser that had been highly recommended to me because, and I quote, “he is gay and so cool”. Well I decided to go and confirm if being gay and cool makes one a better hair stylist as I was getting increasingly frustrated with my short cropped afro do. He turned out ok, nothing spectacular, though I was a little skeptical in the beginning after seeing the mess on him. His clothes made my eyes literally water, my little fashionista heart bled a little. Before you accuse me all of sorts of things, the man was wearing some heavily patched yellowish brown dirty jeans that I have not seen since the Christmas of 98, a brown, red and black stripped nylon shirt that swished with the slightest movement and black faux leather shoes. Sheesh!! And I thought gay men were supposed to be stylish? But who am I to judge?

Anywho, the man had a small army of women all waiting their turn at his throne so I decided to kill time with Cosmo as I got am much needed pedi going. I love Cosmo but sometimes I just wonder where they get these ideas from. I mean, right there on page 169 was a recipe that is will apparently make him propose the minute he’s done with the last yummy bite. This of course peeked my curiosity, after all, which girl does not long for a romantic, spur of the moment, yet extremely well executed proposal from her grand Amor? Hmm, a deeper read yielded this recipe:


  • I whole chicken
  • 4 lemons
  • Sea salt

The chicken should be at room temperature. Squeeze the juice of one lemon onto your chicken evenly. Prick the other two lemons with a fork on either side and stuff them into the chicken. Sprinkle some sea salt on the chicken for seasoning then bake the chicken in your oven at 200˚C for 45mins to an hour.

Once it’s out of the oven wait for it to cool a little and for the juices to settle in or whatever it is that they say on those cookery shows then serve with an easy salad or chips or whatever tickles your fancy.

I tried the recipe twice coz I couldn’t believe just how easy and yummy it was. The first time I bought a small bird and did not have company (I didn’t want to have an audience and evidence in case things did not work out) and it was a grand success, though I really did not see Peanut proposing afterwards. Well unless there was another more elaborate meal after the meal if you catch my drift ;). The second time I was making dinner for my colleague and his family. This time I put two whole sprigs of rosemary in with the lemons and I must admit it turned out much better. Beats Kenchic any day and its much healthier

Here is how the chicken looks once its ready though this photo does not do it much justice:


Once hopes of a proposal had been promptly dashed, I was actually impressed with this recipe as it’s a really easy but interesting way to get a meal going especially for us busy professionals or even to save time during the holidays. The flavours and the lovely scents from the lemons blend in really well into the chicken and the sea salt gives it a bit of a kick as opposed to using kawaida table salt. Am definitely sold on this recipe and will use it again and again with my own variations (perhaps some mint next time?) though I still have to work harder for the ring 😦

So in the spirit of spreading goodwill to all men during the holidays I am sharing it with you. Am that nice lol

Wanna get that Emerald ring you’ve always wanted without resulting to begging, stalking, pouting, a bill board along Waiyaki Way and all that drama that women go through? Just be sure to send me the wedding invite IF – and this is a big if – it works.

Happy holidays people. Drive safely, drink in moderation, Laugh a lot, love a lot, forgive a lot and have a jolly good time!



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