Thanks giving – not lucky, just blessed

4 Jan

2010 for me started on an extremely bad note.

I had no expectations.

I had no hope.

I had no visibility of the year ahead

I made no resolutions.

I just made a simple prayer, which I actually posted on facebook in the form of a brief note.

A thankful heart

My prayer at the beginning of 2010, the only one I had the strength and audacity to even think of, was for a thankful heart. I prayed that I would be thankful to God for everything that was coming my way. I prayed for humility and the grace to accept not with arrogance but with humility and thanksgiving, all my blessings be they big or small. I prayed that I may count my blessings more than the negative things, and be grateful to God for that

I failed a lot along the way. After all am only human. I sometimes took credit for the positivity that seemed to overflow in my life from all angles and forgot to lift my eyes to God who made it happen. Sometimes I complained way too much yet from the outside eye my plate was practically overflowing.

But even with my short comings, I am grateful that for the most part I got a lot of lessons on humility and thanksgiving, some painful but worthy lessons all the same. I learnt to be thankful for the small and the big, for the mundane and the extra ordinary. With constant practice and looking at it more clearly, I realized that the more I gave thanks, the more I received. The more I accepted my life with humility, the more God continued to uplift me and bless me.

When you learn how to be grateful for something as little waking up in the morning, having a roof over your head, a nice hot meal, health, healthy laughs with good friends, discernment of right and wrong, smiles from strangers, career, life, love, family, et al, you see a whole new angle to life – you see beauty and blessings that you never cared to notice before. Blessings that might have otherwise passed you by. Its a beautiful thing I tell you.

On 30th of December just a day to the new year, I recieved the biggest reason to be thankful and I still cannot be thankful enough – my end of year lesson. At about 2am while driving to Mombasa with some friends, we rammed head-on into a trailer just a few kilometers from Voi town. We were happily cruising on the highway, talking and laughing and obviously speeding as there were no other vehicles in sight when the drunk driver of an oncoming truck decided to make a right turn right into our lane while we were just a few metres away. Our driver did the best he could under the circumstances but our fate was sealed, we still rammed right into the head of the trailer. The impact was terrible. We were all tossed every which way and instant pain was unbearable. Thankfully, 3 of us were able to somehow get out of the wreckage and save the fourth passenger. It all played like a scene out of a horror movie. People came out of the pitch darkness, not to help, but to steal what little we had.

Thankfully, we were all able to talk and carefully manned the vehicle against the hungry potential thieves, trying our best to ignore the pain and not quite registering the full impact of what we have just survived. Idle onlookers were amazed that none of us had come out with serious injuries or worse even been killed. A million reasons to be thankful. Anywho, the police showed up later and sorted us out and the following day we were able to continue with our journey and get medication as well. For next few days as I nursed aching limbs, stared endlessly at the pictures of the now written-off vehicle and replayed the scenario in my head over and over again, one thing came to my mind: A thankful heart. Its the only thing I can think of, even now 4 days into the new year.

2010 gave me a million other reasons to remain humble and thankful, I cannot list them all here or this post would never end. I am way too blessed. Even in the midst of tribulations. This has to be the greatest lesson I ever learnt from my mother.

This time too, my year has started on a particularly sour, sad and heart breakingnote and I have complained a lot in the last 3 days, but I have also found reason to give thanks.

I have no expectations

I have no hopes

I have no visibility of the year ahead

I have made no resolutions.

I still pray for a thankful heart!

Jesus I am thankful, now and always




2 Responses to “Thanks giving – not lucky, just blessed”

  1. olivemootai January 5, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    I’m thanking God with you for saving you from what could easily have been a fatal accident. He clearly has great things in store for you. I hope you are fully recovered now. Keep up the attitude of gratitude. And may the Lord’s Holy Angels watch over you.

    PS: I moved to Word press. Someone mentioned it’s a more serious platform for blogging. I will send you an invite shortly. Be safe.


    • not-so-little Miss Random! January 5, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

      Thank you Olive. God bless you and your family too, may the year bring more true happiness your way. WordPress is good, thats why I opened my second blog here. But I have to admit its giving me more headaches just trying to figure everything out. To us taking over blogworld in 2011!!


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