Throwdown Friday

4 Feb

I am not having a particularly good day and thats me forcing myself to look at the glass as half full. I had a rough night and every part of me aches. Am not kidding, even my left big toe is in pain :-). Nevertheless the music goes on especially since the weekend is here and I can go home and chill with a mug of hot chocolate and movies all weekend long. Bliss! Today I’ve been rather mellow music-wise, I’m going through some stuff and I needed some peace and comfort. I started my day with Asa’s Jailer then Atemi’s Hatimaye followed by Aerosmith, Chante Moore and Gerald Levert. My soul folder has also been used thoroughly and I feel a little better for it :-). Here’s a sneak preview of my playlist:

She may have been a one hit wonder way before I made my presence on this earth but I love Charlene Duncan – I’ve never been to me.

This one made me cry since the first time my pal Grace sang it in high school and ever other time I listened to it thereafter. Some songs just evoke too much emotion

Have a lovely weekend lovelies! xoxo πŸ™‚


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