Friendship and money

14 Feb

I have discovered the hard way that friendship and money are like the proverbial water and oil, they just don’t mix. Period!

I don’t care whether you are as close as sisters or tigher than new braids from Kenyatta market. Mixing your friendship with money just won’t do, sooner or later one of you will end up hurt (and a few shillings poorer).

I have wanted to write about this for a long time if only to get closure coz I keep being robbed in broad daylight by smiling, two-faced so-called friends. If I counted all the money I am owed by these ‘friends’, why I could comfortably buy a reasonably-sized piece of land on Mombasa road like all my Kikuyu brethren and fill it with mbuzi or whatever it is they do.

I am normally a very trusting person when it comes to friends. I just naively believe that the nicer I am to my friends the more they will find it within themselves to be nice to me, you know? I will do anything short of stealing, maiming or killing for someone I consider a good friend. I am also unable to lie that I don’t have the money especially if said friend, has that “woishe” look on their face. Somehow I would feel aweful abandoning a friend in distress. Too bad sometimes the distress turns out to be a killer pair of heels, a new dress or a lifestyle upgrade they can ill afford. Grrrrrrr!!

Lakini sasa nimechoka. Seriously! I have reached the end of my patience. Even if you are sick, being thrown out by your landlord, haven’t eaten for days, dying, etc, tafadhali take your pleas somewhere else. I am working on my sura ya kazi and it will not be nice. You have been warned!!

And the ones who are spoiling it for my genuine friends, you know yourself, please pay back my goddamned money! Nkt!!!

Having said that, I wish you all a lovely valentines. For those who believe in it, I hope someone is kind to you and makes the day worth your while. For those who do not believe in it and those who pretend not to care, be easy we only have 9 hours, 29 minutes to go. Hang in there dolls!


2 Responses to “Friendship and money”

  1. not-so-little Miss Random! February 14, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Zippy, wewe unasema story ya 2months mimi am counting mwingine close to 2 years. 2 effing years. Si hata kama ni bank ingecharge interest halafu inge-repossess vitu zake? What hurts is sio pesa kidogo, its over 100grand so ni uchungu. Now I cant even stand to see her. Hiyo friendship its gone down the drain. Honestly now I wont be kopeshaing people, I will just give a small amount that am comfortable to count as a bad debt.

    In other news watu wana bidii! Wee. Ntakuinbox yangu macho ni mob hapa lol

  2. Zippy February 14, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    How true? I also lost a good friend because he borrowed money, with so much desperation… I will pay back in a week! Its now two months and I never wish to see him again. Only half has been paid and our friendship down the drain.

    Oh and how I paid a certain loan that the money I never saw where it went?

    Thats the major, I cant count the countless, three grand, five grand here and there and one such even didn’t invite me to her wedding! Lol.

    My new policy, I ain’t kopeshaing what will hurt me most, I tell you a blank sorry I don have that kind of money or kopesha you cash that I can forget should you not pay up, its upto you! Wewe ndio utabaki na shida.

    Nuff said. On other news, I got a basket of flowers from Msa. Watu wana bidii. Enjoy your Vals babe. Wendo moto moto.

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