Season of Lent

10 Mar

“Lent is a forty-day period before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday. We skip Sundays when we count the forty days, because Sundays commemorate the Resurrection. Lent begins on 9 March 2011 and ends on 23 April 2011, which is the day before Easter.”

Am not Catholic, but this year am observing Lent because when I think about the sacrifice that the Lord made, giving up his only son for my sins thousands of years before I was even concieved, it humbles me and makes me appreciate Him even more. Giving up a few of the things I love cannot even begin to compare with the sacrifice that was made for me but its my own small way of being one with Jesus in the wilderness.

Some of the things am giving up are those I love most and which I do often enough:
1. Fries/Chips
2. My dearest Gin. No alcohol at all
3. Cake
4. Cussing/swearing/bad words (I hope I can maintain this long after lent is over)

I pray for the strength to deny myself all this things and to embrace prayer, repentance and imitating Christ. I pray also that the devil stays far away from me during this season, temptation is high my friends, especially on number 1, I love my fries too much my friends. The reason why I am insisting on giving up something food-related, ie fries and cake is that my cravings/appetite for the two will act as a prayer alarm, so whenever I crave fries I will pray instead (thats the idea situation friends, the reality will depend a lot on your prayers and mine lol)

Are you observing Lent? What are you giving up?


2 Responses to “Season of Lent”


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