At the end of my tether…….

13 Apr

Fed up with Kenyan politics and the Kenyan media that sucks at every carrot our politicians dangle at them.Arrrrrrrrgggghhhh!!! I don’t know why its been bothering me so much lately yet its been the same shit, different day for the last lawdknows how many years, lakini lately I’ve just about had it with Kenyan politics, Kenyan politics and the Kenyans who vote them into power seeing as they do not miraculously find themselves in the August house. I think my growing annoyance has a lot to do with the shenanigans we experienced over the last 2weeks from the media about the Ocampo 6, the culmination of which was the shameful Uhuru Park prayer meeting. WTF!! Why are Kenyans so myopic? Is it that we suffer from collective selective amnesia where our politics is concerned?

We recycle, we recycle and then we recycle some more. My pal J brought it home with this update, “Kenyan are so gullible, at first it was Raila and Moi vs Kibaki in 2002, then Raila and KIbaki vs Uhuru in 2002, then Ruto,Kalonzo,Raila and Uhuru vs Kibaki in 2005, then Uhuru & Kibaki vs Raila & Ruto & Kalonzo in 2007 and now Uhuru,Ruto & Kalonzo vs Raila and we are still buying into it! I wonder which alliance is next in the offing before 2012!”. See a pattern here?

Does it mean that Kenya has no other people who can govern our country? Were something to happen to these guys, God forbid, would the country come to a halt? Would your life as an ordinary man/woman about town drastically change?

Why the media continue to give these guys airtime is beyond me! News has been reduced to watching these guys maligning each other, throwing accusations left right and centre, lying to us blatantly and basically making greater fools of themselves all on national television. Meanwhile, the kawaida MWANA NCHI is fighting inflation and rising cost of basic necessities, poor education systems, famine and starvation, drug addiction, potholes, insecurity, unemployment, etc; things that the “WENYE NCHI” above cannot relate with or even begin to understand.

Yaani even this post is taxing my patience. That a media that is supposed to be intelligent and independent allows itself to be manipulated by these selfish self-seekers is just annoying. Must be those brown envelopes that are passed under the table, or the fact that most media stations are controlled by said politicians and their cohorts.

I long for the day prime time news will be about how the counties are using CDF money, how far we have come in achieving vision 2030, how we plan to develop Nairobi and other major towns, upgrading of our schooling system, rural electrification, support for SMEs, resettlement of slum dwellers, provision of better health equipment, better pay for civil servants, the fight against corruption, implementation of the new constitution, resettling of IDP’s; perhaps even arrest of those people who stole our maize and our condoms lol

Untill then I support the Media black out at GO PETITION: CHANGING THE WORLD. Check out the link and sign the petition if you feel me.

xoxo!! Happier post coming up soonest!!!


3 Responses to “At the end of my tether…….”

  1. Kenyanbrutus January 12, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    You do know, blogger, that the media will never write about CDF and stuff. Now they write endless politics. When we become rich, fat and lazy like the west, they will write about about which celebrity wore a red thong and which one went commando! Human nature am afraid πŸ™‚

    Churchhill used to say that the best case against democracy can be made by spending 5 minutes with an average voter. That said, the alternative to it is megalomaniacs like Mugabe or mad men like Kim Jong Il (recently deceased, thank goodness).

  2. shikomsa April 14, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    They can only do this for so long. I’ve a feeling 2012 will be a big bad broom.

    • not-so-little Miss Random! April 14, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

      I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism, but for all our sakes I hope someone sweeps that “aghast” house clean of all these vermins we call leaders

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